Not-For-Profit Services


Board Development   Balance Passion with Capacity!

Capital Campaigns   Identify and Connect with the Right Prospects!

Cost Management  Impact Mission with Donor Dollars!

Event Program Copy  Write with Giving in Mind to Increase Net Revenue!

Grant Writing   Get to Yes Before You Write!

Planned Giving   Be on the Receiving End of the Great Wealth Transfer!

PR & Visibility  Highlight Your Differentiators and Grow Donations!

Marketing   Target Prospects with Both Propensity and Capacity!

Sponsorship Benefits   Emphasize Your Sponsor’s Market Over Your Needs!

Stewardship Plans   Communicate the Impact of Your Donor’s Investment!


Miracle Strategies matches your organization’s mission with prospects who have both the capacity and propensity to say yes! Miracle Strategies utilizes your board, educates your staff, and leverages your existing relationships to increase philanthropic support for your organization, which, in turn, allows you to change lives for the better!

Our proprietary processes are time proven, creating long-lasting relationships with prospects who have not only the capacity, but also the propensity, to support your unique mission! In fact, we’ve secured several million dollar+ gifts in our community by connecting to new donors through existing believers!

Contact Miracle Strategies today! Miracle Strategies will help your team develop relationships that last a lifetime by turning your mission into a fundable message!