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8 Tips to Turn Free Prospect Research into Donor Outcomes

Have you Googled yourself lately? While sophisticated and expensive prospect research software is available, many non-profits cannot afford the services, and those who do often use Google to verify their findings. I once enjoyed 15 super exciting minutes because a … read more

The New Tax Bill vs Wall Street

The New Tax Bill vs Wall Street: The Winner Is…. Perhaps because the April tax deadline is looming, I’ve been asked several times recently about the impact the 2018 tax bill will have on philanthropy.* Specifically, since nearly 30 million … read more

One Trait You Control Can Lead to Yes!

Donors Love This Trait! Bill and Melinda Gates’ 2018 Annual Letter, “The Ten Toughest Questions We Get,” begins like this: “We are outspoken about our optimism. These days, though, optimism seems to be in short supply. “Compare today to the … read more

Tips to Grow Gifts the Old Fashioned Way!

“We didn’t get the gift,” our board member reported, “because he really wanted someone on his level, I mean, one of his peers, to ask. That’s what I heard anyway.” You know, of course, that Who Asks, matters. But this … read more

3 Easy, Pragmatic Ways to Raise More Money!

Focus on the Harvest Imagine buying seed, studying crop strategy, and breaking up fallow ground but never bothering to plant, water, cultivate, or, ultimately, reap a harvest. Today, I’ve included three easy ways to keep your eye on the harvest, … read more

One Tip to Change Your Fundraising Forever!

Personal Accountability and The Chart You probably know a rock star fundraiser. In fact, you may be one! If so, I believe you share these four traits that are so essential in an outstanding fundraiser. Today’s post is on the … read more

Grow Major Donors through Special Events

Don’t believe it! Well, at least not all of it! You’ve likely been told, “Jettison events. Secure Major Donors!” Wait a minute…”If” you end an event, will you “Then” automatically increase in Major Gifts? Not necessarily. Instead, grow Major Donors … read more

How Your Special Event Can Net More for Your Mission

This February, I thought I’d focus on common sense strategies to immediately increase the net impact of your organization’s special events on your mission! You’ll want to share this post with your committee! So, where can you save? Where should … read more