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You Won’t Believe What I Learned Over Breakfast!

Over breakfast recently with my husband’s oldest daughter, a graduate of The Citadel (MBA) and University of South Carolina (public relations), I learned that a process I’ve randomly used for years to find new donors actually has a name and … read more

What to Do When Your Fundraiser Quits

Because of the high level of turnover in fundraising, you’ll either find yourself in a new position or hiring a new employee. Today, I will share four ways to reduce the impact of turnover on non-profit fundraising, but, first, I … read more

Board Members Value Written Expectations

“Thank you for letting me know what you expect,” our nominee said after reviewing the two-page document highlighting our history, mission and board member expectations. “So often,” he said, “I’m invited to be on boards, but no one tells me … read more

Tips to Grow Business & Corporate Sponsorships

Not long after I left teaching and began fundraising, I visited my sister. She said, “Oh, so you’re in sales now.” For months, we argued about this, in a friendly way, of course. But, today, I mostly agree with her, … read more