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It Pays to Mine Your Mission

Growing up in Harlan County, Ky. meant coal mining, which meant one of two things: strip mining or deep mining. Both my grandfathers and one great-grandfather were deep miners. Pappy Miracle rarely saw much light of day, going down before … read more

Maximize Every Moment with Major Donors

Have you ever left a major donor appreciation event with the vague feeling that something was missing? When we host get-togethers without setting aside time to formally say thank you and educate our donors, we leave them wondering, “What was … read more

Stewardship Really Means Planned Gratitude

If you’ve been fundraising for very long, you’ve heard this common refrain: “The only time I ever hear from that organization is when they’re asking for money.” A formal stewardship plan is a highfalutin strategy to ensure our donors know … read more

Spontaneous Risks That Made a Difference

Fundraising for both board members and staff is a learned-by-doing job — a skill forged in the fire of rejection, rebuttal and risk-taking, all for the joy of hearing Yes! It was October 2000. The ballroom was full. The “spotters” … read more