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Saving Pledges: A Plan That Works!

Saving pledges is personal, caring, customized work. Miracle Strategies Fundraising and Marketing excels during crises. Schedule a Call Today! (Photo: Common Grackle by P. Miracle) SAVING DONOR PLEDGES REQUIRES FOCUS: How-To Check-List with What to Do & Say Have you … read more

Major Donors Answer Your No. 1 Fundraising Questions

  Share Tweet Share Forward   Major Donors Answer the No. 1 Fundraising Question: Should My Nonprofit Ask Now? Major Donors generously answered an important question in last week’s blog, “What Should We Do Now? In fact, I received such … read more

Donors, NPO Clients, Answer Staff Questions

In Donors’ Words: Your Questions Answered by Major Donors   My past blogs have been my professional opinions, but not this one. Today, Donors Themselves answer three questions non-profit staffs have been asking since we hit the corona-berg:   What … read more

Easy-to-Understand Stimulus Bill Highlights

Individual Charitable Giving Limit Increased from 60% to 100% for 2020…And More Nonprofit Help How are you? I would be remiss to send a blog while we’re mostly working-at-home and not ask, How are you? We’re not where we planned … read more