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Savvy Fundraisers Anticipate This Question

Amid the excitement and joy created by renderings and beautiful pictures, a  single, sincere, and serious voice rose above all others: “How much will the new building add to our operating costs in terms of personnel and other expenses?” (Her … read more

Pros and Cons of Special Event Web Sites

Special Events, Software, and Committee Confusion I could see by the focused look on everyone’s face that this special event meeting was a serious one! Soon, the cause was evident: The committee thought they wanted a “website” when they meant … read more

Did You Intend to Fund That?

This blog originally ran in the Savannah Morning News on Oct. 9, 2018. For most of us, donating hard-earned dollars to a charitable cause is a matter of the heart…and the purse. Here’s the purse part: The US Census Bureau … read more