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Nominating Meeting Checklist

Ignoring the nominating committee is like building your house on the sand! Everything looks fine until the storm comes and the boards sink. Stable boards matter — in storms and in philanthropic work. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve blogged … read more

Show Some Love to the Nominating Committee

We all grapple with the challenge of filling our limited board seats with trustees who can support our mission! I mean, we’re gonna be connected for several years, right? This means, it’s time to show some love to the quiet, … read more

Lookin’ for New Board Members?

Look within first to identify Who’s Best for Your Organization Steps to assess your current board List current board member names List the dates of each member’s term List their professional sector Note their areas of strength on the board … read more

A ’57 Chevy in the Daytona 500

A ’57 Chevy in the Daytona 500:  Data Matters Phoenicia,” he said, “I just received the thank you letter for those special event tickets, and you should know, I haven’t been married to (Jane) for eight years!” I was new. … read more