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What’s Working for Other Fundraisers?

Strategies Your Peers Are Using Now For the past 15 months, I’ve worked with numerous non-profit boards and staff to increase support and strengthen their mission! From these passionate and creative people, I want to share with you what’s working … read more

Avoid the Endless Campaign Saga

Endless Campaigns & Engines Is Your Campaign Doable, Fundable, and Finishable? Imagine fundraising for 20 years for the same unfinished project! That’s exactly the case with a vintage locomotive steam engine my husband and I saw recently during a tour … read more

Grow Gifts by Spiffing Up What You Already Have!

Sponsors Love These Tips! Increase Revenue by Spiffing Up What You Already Have   For most of my life, Dad made a living by driving his ton truck to the Salvation Army in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he and the men … read more

3 Ways to Determine What Really Works

Continuous Improvement in Fundraising Have you ever used Lysol as an astringent? Poured a cap full into your bathwater? Diluted a little of the dark, amber liquid to clean a scrape? My last memory of using Lysol on myself was … read more