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3 Easy, Pragmatic Ways to Raise More Money!

Focus on the Harvest

Imagine buying seed, studying crop strategy, and breaking up fallow ground but never bothering to plant, water, cultivate, or, ultimately, reap a harvest. Today, I’ve included three easy ways to keep your eye on the harvest, and, ultimately, reap greater benefits for your organization!

This is the second of four emails highlighting essential traits found in outstanding fundraisers: They

  • Seek personal accountability. (Last week’s blog.)
  • Are pragmatic.
  • Value and respect roles, stature and position.
  • Exude optimism around the power of philanthropy.

Enjoy and Forward to Friends!

3 Easy, Pragmatic Ways to Raise More Money!

1. In a nearby desk drawer, keep a list of your Top 150 Donors and their cumulative 2017 giving.

Sort the list so your largest donor is first (#1). I’ll bet they represent 75% of this year’s philanthropy goal, and retaining them is one of the most pragmatic decisions you can make! Update and energize this group with regular, personal communication.

2. Target locally, and email the masses.

With millions of dollars raised on-line, it’s easy to prioritize a workshop focused on social media over lunch with a local market rep whose employer sponsors your golf tournament. Pragmatic fundraisers, however, understand that major on-line campaigns are often circumstantial. As a fundraising exec in Atlanta once told me, “Until lava flows down Peachtree Avenue, on-line giving can’t replace the work we’ve always done.” Instead, steward current donors, ask past sponsors for feedback, grow new, local funders, and find an intern or professional to update your social media while you focus on more likely gifts!

3.  Maximize Board Member Engagement.

Pragmatic fundraisers are uber strategic when engaging their board. Instead of inviting a retired COO to stuff envelopes, drop by with customized letters so she can add a personal note. Start and end board meetings on time, and utilize committee meetings for in-depth discussions. When the busy realtor on your board offers to introduce you to a new prospect, prepare the agenda, conduct the research, put together marketing materials, and call him the day before to strategize. Your board is key to your fundraising success. Strengthen those relationships with impactful work!

My grandparents gardened, and I can assure you there’s always work to be done on a farm…but not all of it impacts the results of harvest time. Work pragmatically. Your success is important because your mission is important! Ultimately, we fundraisers remain pragmatic and accountable when we understand the difference philanthropy makes!


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