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A Confession & Three Tips to Increase Your Visibility

Today, I have a confession: My “blog research” indicates that the 500 words I normally knock out each week are far too many for an email. “They say” an optimal blog is around 300 words so that’s my new goal.

This won’t be easy because I truly love grammar, KJV English, and old-fashioned punctuation marks…plus, I’m a prolific talker.

That said, let’s jump into today’s tightly written fundraising and marketing blog intended to increase both your and your organization’s visibility without significantly increasing your expenses.

1. Don’t let your important details dribble into the community.

Instead, carefully write a formal press release, highlighting relevant people, numbers and impact. Strategically email this to your local media, and follow up with a call. Then, link the articles to all your social media, and tag sponsors if you’re reporting on a special event. Email me for a recent sample.

2. Each month, attend at least one networking event.

Additionally, many cities host annual luncheons where you can mingle with business leaders and elected officials with whom you need to strengthen relationships. (Watch “How to Grow Corporate Sponsorships.“)

Occasionally, you can attend events as the guest of a board member whose company has sponsored a table so ask before you buy. (That’s how I met my husband, by the way!)

3. Intentionally participate in other philanthropic events and causes.

To decide when to volunteer, buy a ticket, or put together a team, ask yourself three important questions:
• Can I be “real” in this setting? For example, my signing up for a half marathon would not be a good idea!!
• Do our organizations share board members or donors?
• Is this event attended or sponsored by someone I want to get to know?

The Take-Away

For years, I worked alongside a marketing director whose budget was many times greater than mine. When I questioned this, my boss said, “When marketing’s working, fundraising follows.”

Perhaps, he was also saying, “When your organization is visible, donors are more likely to give.”

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