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Grow Gifts by Spiffing Up What You Already Have!

Sponsors Love These Tips!

Increase Revenue by Spiffing Up What You Already Have
For most of my life, Dad made a living by driving his ton truck to the Salvation Army in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he and the men in the distribution center loaded it to capacity with used furniture, clothes, shoes, and “stuff.”

Then, Dad spray painted bottoms of slightly worn shoes, rubbed Old English into scarred furniture, made minor appliance repairs, and added value which increased the price our faithful customers were willing to pay.

Over the next week, Mom sorted, and Dad distributed the goods to our three stores. (Walmart hadn’t yet made it to southeast Kentucky.)

We had a good life.
I’ve never forgotten that lesson, the one that says, “Take what you have, improve it, add to it, and make it more valuable.”

3 Tips to Increase Revenue: No New Programs, Services, or Staff

Here are three tips to add value to what you’re already doing! I’ve tried them all so I know they work. Now, my clients are raising more money by incrementally adding value to what they’re already doing!

1. Add a $1,000 “Friends” sponsors opportunity to an existing event. This works best when you honor a past board member, key leader, patient, volunteer, or well-known philanthropist. Because you added the Friend level, donors, who’ve never given and who may not attend, will support your event because they love and respect your honoree! The cost: $0.

2. Develop a single sponsorship document for multiple events. In 2009, I began working with an organization which hosted numerous fundraisers each year. Our donors complained that we were “always asking for money”!

We listened. Our team consolidated ten sponsorship pages into a single, comprehensive document. Now, in one meeting, sponsors could sponsor multiple events! The cost: Administrative time. Diligent record-keeping ensures donors are recognized at various levels across multiple events.

3. If you’re throwing a party, add a sponsor opportunity! You may be surprised to learn that all gifts are not motivated by your mission. In fact, sponsors often want or need a return on investment, and their ROI is directly linked to your audience!

If in doubt, consider entry-level sponsorships. Small and mid-sized businesses throughout our region want to reach your audience! (This doesn’t work as well in private homes. It’s gauche.)

Living the Lesson

Last year, I bought an elegant but rusted wrought iron planter for $15. I lightly sanded it, vigorously scrubbed it with a wire brush, wiped it clean with a soft cloth, and spray painted it shiny black with Rustoleum.
Today, it’s filled with impatiens and pops with color under a live oak tree in my front yard. I’m sure it would go for $100 on Craig’s List. (Dad would be proud!)

Across your organization, such opportunities exist. Just add a little spray paint or WD-40, and then, let me know the impact your dedication and ingenuity have on your fundraising.

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