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Today’s Gift Is Already in Your Data

Lapsed donors


Looking for a way to immediately increase donations! Well, here’s a simple idea:

  1. Run a list of gifts received since Jan. 1st of this year. Next, run a list from the same time period last year. Compare. Those missing off this year’s list are today’s biggest opportunities!
  2. Contact – call, write, or email your past donors who’ve lapsed. They will often give again when genuinely thanked and reminded of the difference their generosity made!
  3. For best results, reconnect in the same manner as before. Look back: Who asked last year? What was the gift for? What was the level of giving?
  4. For example, if you received $100 by mail in 2017 for summer camp scholarships, send a letter today with a note from the volunteer who made the ask last year. Include a SASE envelope, and watch the mail!
  5. Set a reminder to send a summer camp update this fall…You may receive a 2nd gift this year for your good work!


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