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What’s Working for Other Fundraisers?

Strategies Your Peers Are Using Now

For the past 15 months, I’ve worked with numerous non-profit boards and staff to increase support and strengthen their mission! From these passionate and creative people, I want to share with you what’s working today!

Board-Led Fundraising
1. One of my most successful non-profit clients boasts a fundraising committee led almost exclusively by the board. The agenda is developed by the committee, and donor prospect lists are born out of focused board conversations. Calls are made and appointments are set by board volunteers.

Most of us use a hybrid of this model, but this unified group truly represents a board-led organization. In 10 short months, they’ve confirmed 73% of their campaign goal! This model softens tough decisions, shortens timelines, and drives outcomes!

Staff is not on the sidelines. It’s their diligent focus on operations which ensures the organization is results-based, fiscally sound, and mission-driven.

Take-away: Relinquish a little control, or if you’re on the board, take on this gratifying work! Everyone will be joyfully surprised!

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Maximize Events
2. Among consultants and at conferences and retreats, there’s an oft-repeated but unfounded maxim: “Jettison events. Instead, spend time on major gifts. Fundraising will increase.” This is not what I’m seeing in the field!

Organizations, instead, are keeping their events and maximizing related giving opportunities. For example, I have a client in the healthcare sector who’s added sponsorship opportunities, expanded their guest list, engaged the board, and maximized social media. They’re on track to double last year’s gross revenue from one series of events!

Take-away: You’ve already sunk staff time and expense into the event, so work to raise every dime you can from the effort.

Donor-Centered Planned Giving
3. My first client happened to be a donor-centered organization which needed help with its sustainability plan. Our strategy was simple: Continue to be customer oriented even as you transition into the planned giving conversation.

For example, we developed a non-binding Letter of Intent. We were open to restricted gifts, such as underwriting a program or scholarship or staff position. And, we welcomed all manner of legacy gifts although most were simple wills or estate plans.

Legacy donor prospects were relieved with these customer-focused options. Also, they were confident in their decision because of the organization’s history of success and integrity.

Take-away: Develop a planned giving strategy which is as flexible as an event sponsorship or capital campaign naming opportunity. Your victories will immediately increase!

Cookie Recipes and Fundraising
Think of today’s blog like an old-fashioned cookie recipe: You may add dried cherries, sweetened coconut flakes, or chocolate chips, but basically, it all starts with the flour, butter and sugar of a clear mission, quantifiable outcomes, and dedicated board and staff.

Tweak these strategies to suit the tastes of your donors, members, patients, clients, parents, students, and friends, and enjoy the results.

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