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How Many of Those Fish Did You Catch?

  Last week, when I posted these photos of Dan and me fishing for sockeye on the Kenai River, a friend responded: How many of those fish did you catch? In fundraising, where the board, staff, and volunteers should be … read more

How My Family Reunion is Like Your Board Meeting

My Family Reunion: Lessons Learned Will Strengthen Your Board of Directors! This past Memorial Day Weekend, did your family get together for a big reunion? Ours did. Yep! Fifty-eight of us traveled from states afar to spend time in Tennessee, … read more

Don’t Call Me Yet!

Three Steps to Take Before You Call a Fundraising Consultant It’s likely that your non-profit is on a tight budget, and consultants aren’t free (unless it’s over coffee, of course). So, take these three actions first, or as Socrates said, … read more

Should You Raise Your Next Fundraiser?

Read in Sav Morning News How to Raise a Fundraiser Who Stays The Average is 29 Months Photos: Community professionals like WTOC anchor Dawn Baker and board member Toby Hollenberg were among the many who honed my fundraising skills!  This … read more

Special Event Shocker #2

Why Didn’t I Get Invited? Unsubscribe  Shocker #2 She was irritated. “My neighbor told me,” the caller said, “that she just received an invitation to your special event luncheon. Why didn’t I get one?” I knew the caller well. She … read more

Special Event Shocker #1

The Special Event Shocker Series Real-Life Solutions Included! Shocker #1 “And now,” our emcee said, “we will share the story of how Lane’s life was saved following his tragic four-wheeler accident.” The tuxedoed emcee sat down. The room grew quiet. … read more

Client’s Fundraiser Grew 200% with These Tips!

Last Friday night, a Miracle Strategies’ client raised $70,000 during an annual event that grossed $22,000 last year. If you’ve been reading my blog for anytime, you’re familiar with this advice: “Take What You’re Already Doing and Grow It.” That’s … read more

Donors as Earned Influencers

After an event I spoke at recently, a local businessman introduced himself and held up his cell phone. I could see that morning’s blog photo on the screen. He said the article had been forwarded to him by a friend … read more