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Almost Gone: How a New Donor Was Nearly Lost

7 Steps to Ensure New Donors Can Easily Find You and Make a Gift “Phoenicia,” the older gentleman said, “I’m glad I finally reached you. I called the main number, and the lady who answered doesn’t know you. In fact, … read more

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Take Time to Write Down Your Recipe for Next Year’s Fundraising! I have been appointed the keeper of the dressing recipe from Mom. (See the print out beside the bowl.) My two sisters taste as I mix and say over … read more

Habits of Happy Donors

Several years ago, I offered to return a six-figure gift to a generous donor. Here’s what happened. True Story The gift was spontaneous, made in a moment of joyful appreciation but without input from the fundraising staff. Restricted completely, the … read more

Are You Ready for This Soaring Major Donor Trend?

Understanding Donor Advised Funds One of the fastest growing vehicles used by major donors today is the Donor Advised Fund or DAF. Why do Donor Advised Funds Matter? The number of DAF’s has surged to 300,000 in the past eight … read more

Donors Look for Outcomes, Not Financial Advice

Why I Recommend Not Recommending Bunching & Bundling As we near year-end, here’s my advice: Don’t mention “bundling” or “bunching.” What is Bunching or Bundling? The concept of philanthropic “bundling” or “bunching” is simple: Donors “bunch” together several years of … read more

Savvy Fundraisers Anticipate This Question

Amid the excitement and joy created by renderings and beautiful pictures, a  single, sincere, and serious voice rose above all others: “How much will the new building add to our operating costs in terms of personnel and other expenses?” (Her … read more

Pros and Cons of Special Event Web Sites

Special Events, Software, and Committee Confusion I could see by the focused look on everyone’s face that this special event meeting was a serious one! Soon, the cause was evident: The committee thought they wanted a “website” when they meant … read more

Did You Intend to Fund That?

This blog originally ran in the Savannah Morning News on Oct. 9, 2018. For most of us, donating hard-earned dollars to a charitable cause is a matter of the heart…and the purse. Here’s the purse part: The US Census Bureau … read more

It Pays to Mine Your Mission

Growing up in Harlan County, Ky. meant coal mining, which meant one of two things: strip mining or deep mining. Both my grandfathers and one great-grandfather were deep miners. Pappy Miracle rarely saw much light of day, going down before … read more