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It Pays to Mine Your Mission

Growing up in Harlan County, Ky. meant coal mining, which meant one of two things: strip mining or deep mining. Both my grandfathers and one great-grandfather were deep miners. Pappy Miracle rarely saw much light of day, going down before … read more

Maximize Every Moment with Major Donors

Have you ever left a major donor appreciation event with the vague feeling that something was missing? When we host get-togethers without setting aside time to formally say thank you and educate our donors, we leave them wondering, “What was … read more

Stewardship Really Means Planned Gratitude

If you’ve been fundraising for very long, you’ve heard this common refrain: “The only time I ever hear from that organization is when they’re asking for money.” A formal stewardship plan is a highfalutin strategy to ensure our donors know … read more

Spontaneous Risks That Made a Difference

Fundraising for both board members and staff is a learned-by-doing job — a skill forged in the fire of rejection, rebuttal and risk-taking, all for the joy of hearing Yes! It was October 2000. The ballroom was full. The “spotters” … read more

Nominating Meeting Checklist

Ignoring the nominating committee is like building your house on the sand! Everything looks fine until the storm comes and the boards sink. Stable boards matter — in storms and in philanthropic work. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve blogged … read more