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Is Your Nonprofit Hiding a Secret?

Have You Had This Experience? When a local family foundation grants you $15,000, everyone’s thrilled, right? When you’re drafting a Facebook post with a “Donate Now” button, do you have trouble finding a need? And, when your 2018 audit reveals … read more

Three Tools to Help Your Board Raise More Money

  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that each of your board members sincerely wants to help you raise more money! I believe with three simple tools you can transform this daydream into reality. The tools are free … read more

Miracle Strategies’ Top 10 Blogs of 2018

The Top 10 Blogs of 2018 include tips to make 2019 a winning year! Non-profit organization board members, fundraisers, and donors who read this blog want to know, “What can we do to raise more money today?” Miracle Strategies Fundraising … read more

How to Design an Annual Appeals Fundraising Calendar

  Before I provide tips and how-to’s for your Annual Appeals Calendar, I want to share an analogy from an interview with Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora Innovation and a former Alphabet engineer who is pioneering self-driving car technology. “I … read more

Increase Non-Profit Sponsor Support from Local Businesses

Cause Marketing and Your Case for Giving Today’s blog features Savannah business leaders and ran first in the Savannah Morning News. Click here. In 2003 a former marketing professional from Colgate-Palmolive joined the non-profit board where I worked. Jim Emery … read more

Do You Know an Idea Fairy?

  Transform Glitter to Gold with Free Download   Download: Fundraising Appeals   Idea Fairies Have you ever had an idea fairy on your board? You know, someone who waves a wand at the staff, sprinkles sparkly ideas onto the … read more

This Ancient Practice Will Increase Your Fundraising!

As a consultant, I’m often brought in to discuss major gift strategies or capital campaigns. Soon, however, I’m asked about social media appeals, end-of-year letters, and event sponsorships. In other words, I’m asked, “How can our nonprofit organization target specific … read more

Almost Gone: How a New Donor Was Nearly Lost

7 Steps to Ensure New Donors Can Easily Find You and Make a Gift “Phoenicia,” the older gentleman said, “I’m glad I finally reached you. I called the main number, and the lady who answered doesn’t know you. In fact, … read more