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Fundraising Confessions from a Cruise Ship Dinner

Read in Sav Morning News We’ve brought on additional staff so the executive director can raise more money…. So why isn’t he?” This question came over dinner with new friends my husband and I met on a vacation cruise of … read more

How Many of Those Fish Did You Catch?

  Last week, when I posted these photos of Dan and me fishing for sockeye on the Kenai River, a friend responded: How many of those fish did you catch? In fundraising, where the board, staff, and volunteers should be … read more

How My Family Reunion is Like Your Board Meeting

My Family Reunion: Lessons Learned Will Strengthen Your Board of Directors! This past Memorial Day Weekend, did your family get together for a big reunion? Ours did. Yep! Fifty-eight of us traveled from states afar to spend time in Tennessee, … read more

Don’t Call Me Yet!

Three Steps to Take Before You Call a Fundraising Consultant It’s likely that your non-profit is on a tight budget, and consultants aren’t free (unless it’s over coffee, of course). So, take these three actions first, or as Socrates said, … read more

Should You Raise Your Next Fundraiser?

Read in Sav Morning News How to Raise a Fundraiser Who Stays The Average is 29 Months Photos: Community professionals like WTOC anchor Dawn Baker and board member Toby Hollenberg were among the many who honed my fundraising skills!  This … read more

Special Event Shocker #2

Why Didn’t I Get Invited? Unsubscribe  Shocker #2 She was irritated. “My neighbor told me,” the caller said, “that she just received an invitation to your special event luncheon. Why didn’t I get one?” I knew the caller well. She … read more

Special Event Shocker #1

The Special Event Shocker Series Real-Life Solutions Included! Shocker #1 “And now,” our emcee said, “we will share the story of how Lane’s life was saved following his tragic four-wheeler accident.” The tuxedoed emcee sat down. The room grew quiet. … read more

Client’s Fundraiser Grew 200% with These Tips!

Last Friday night, a Miracle Strategies’ client raised $70,000 during an annual event that grossed $22,000 last year. If you’ve been reading my blog for anytime, you’re familiar with this advice: “Take What You’re Already Doing and Grow It.” That’s … read more