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Special Event Shocker #1

The Special Event Shocker Series Real-Life Solutions Included! Shocker #1 “And now,” our emcee said, “we will share the story of how Lane’s life was saved following his tragic four-wheeler accident.” The tuxedoed emcee sat down. The room grew quiet. … read more

Client’s Fundraiser Grew 200% with These Tips!

Last Friday night, a Miracle Strategies’ client raised $70,000 during an annual event that grossed $22,000 last year. If you’ve been reading my blog for anytime, you’re familiar with this advice: “Take What You’re Already Doing and Grow It.” That’s … read more

Donors as Earned Influencers

After an event I spoke at recently, a local businessman introduced himself and held up his cell phone. I could see that morning’s blog photo on the screen. He said the article had been forwarded to him by a friend … read more

This May Be My Best Insight Ever…for Fundraisers

  Today’s blog may be the most helpful yet if you’re a fundraiser. Many readers are board members and professionals from other fields, and I often write with a broad view of my readership, but not today. This blog is … read more

How to Unstick, Destagnate, and Re-energize Your NPO

Ignore the Consultant! Special Events Do Stimulate Giving Is your not-for-profit organization stale, stuck or stagnant? Plan a special event! Special Events require a deadline, a working committee, a sales (sponsorship) document, and a cause to support. Clearly, this is … read more

How Good Fundraisers Learn to Raise More Money

Imitate, Mimic, Mirror     Fundraisers Raise More Money by Learning from Each Other I happen to be writing today’s blog while preparing to speak to a group of fellow fundraisers. They, like I, are learning on the job! So, … read more

Our Prospect List Grew 120% Thanks to This Menu

  This past week, after a series of warm, genuine, and guided meetings, one of my clients hit the “save” button on more than 120 new prospect names for an upcoming project! Considering we started fresh, our growth was 120%! … read more

Is Your Nonprofit Hiding a Secret?

Have You Had This Experience? When a local family foundation grants you $15,000, everyone’s thrilled, right? When you’re drafting a Facebook post with a “Donate Now” button, do you have trouble finding a need? And, when your 2018 audit reveals … read more