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Board Leadership During COVID-19

BOARD LEADERSHIP DURING COVID-19Small is better. Past trust informs today. Pragmatic leaders focus on mission, not moments. To remain relevant during this unprecedented time, today’s blog, my four previous blogs, and my video and E-book,  “Benchmark Disney: How Theme Park … read more

Benchmark Disney: My First Ebook Guides Your Reopening!

Phoenicia talks about how theme park reopening strategies provide a way to build reopening processes and re-engage clients. Free Download  Benchmark Disney: Download Free until May 5th! Board members, executive directors, volunteers and key leaders will all benefit from Benchmark … read more

Saving Pledges: A Plan That Works!

Saving pledges is personal, caring, customized work. Miracle Strategies Fundraising and Marketing excels during crises. Schedule a Call Today! (Photo: Common Grackle by P. Miracle) SAVING DONOR PLEDGES REQUIRES FOCUS: How-To Check-List with What to Do & Say Have you … read more

Major Donors Answer Your No. 1 Fundraising Questions

  Share Tweet Share Forward   Major Donors Answer the No. 1 Fundraising Question: Should My Nonprofit Ask Now? Major Donors generously answered an important question in last week’s blog, “What Should We Do Now? In fact, I received such … read more

Donors, NPO Clients, Answer Staff Questions

In Donors’ Words: Your Questions Answered by Major Donors   My past blogs have been my professional opinions, but not this one. Today, Donors Themselves answer three questions non-profit staffs have been asking since we hit the corona-berg:   What … read more

Easy-to-Understand Stimulus Bill Highlights

Individual Charitable Giving Limit Increased from 60% to 100% for 2020…And More Nonprofit Help How are you? I would be remiss to send a blog while we’re mostly working-at-home and not ask, How are you? We’re not where we planned … read more

How to Keep Your Non-Profit Relevant During C-19

Want Your Non-Profit to Remain Relevant during C-19? Consider These Strategies I’ve Shared with Clients   You’ll never forget these days. How you position yourself and your non-profit will also be remembered. Nothing is “normal” about our lives this week, … read more

Easy is the New Yes!

Your Nonprofit Will See Results Today, Using “Easy” Strategies In fundraising — as with Amazon, Uber, OpenTable, and others — Easy is the New Yes! Successful fundraisers will benefit from these — mostly free — easy strategies to engage donors. … read more